Webcam Session and Your Looks to Ready

Even if it’s only 20 minutes before the scheduled video call, this is enough to cheer up your face with a mask. Cleanse your skin and apply a moisturizing or radiant face mask it will give the skin energy and eliminate dullness. Means can even be combined by applying masks of different actions to different areas of the face this will help to achieve maximum freshness.

The secret to fighting “hamster cheeks”

So that the cheeks that appeared out of nowhere during the quarantine do not catch the eye, urgently master the art of contouring. Find in your makeup stocks a foundation that is a tone darker than normal or bronzer and apply it to the protruding areas of the face the forehead, cheekbones, tip of the nose and chin. Blend the powder with smooth movements, as if “driving” it into the skin so that the face looks symmetrical. As you visit you get the best options for a perfect webcam chatting.

Lack of sleep will help hide makeup

If a panda greeted you in the mirror in the morning because you couldn’t tear yourself off the screen again at midnight, this does not mean that your colleagues should know about your habit of watching TV shows drunkenly. It’s great if there is a cream powder of a lilac shade in your cosmetic bag it will help to hide dull skin and dark circles under the eyes. To hide the dark circles under the eyes, the concealer and even the foundation are a shade lighter than your skin.

Neat eyebrows attract attention

A well-groomed eyebrow line helps convey your emotions and adds weight to words. Since the video image, as a rule, is fuzzy, it is better to draw eyebrows with a special marker or pencil so the result will be more noticeable. It is better to pluck off stray hairs, although colleagues, most likely, will not notice them. But the correction of eyebrows with wax on the day of the video conference is better not to do it will be difficult to hide the irritation even with makeup.

Beautiful mascara is optional

If you think that painting eyelashes during remote work is somehow too much, then you can do without mascara. Just comb the eyelashes to separate the eyelashes from each other and curl them with tongs. For best results, the eyelash curlers can be preheated a little with a hairdryer. Everything your eyelashes are ready for a video call.

Forget about red lipstick

Too intense makeup is the main mistake that women make when preparing for a video call. It is clear that no one is sitting at home at the computer in full war paint, including scarlet lipstick. For more than a month now, if you have been dreaming of making up the lips of one of ten red lipsticks that are bored without action, for a video call it is better to limit yourself to a simple moisturizing lip balm. Follow the same rule for eye shadow intense shades are best avoided.

When was the last time you washed your hair?

It is possible that in the absence of the need to go to the office, you have become somewhat less likely to wash your hair. Do not worry and with dirty hair you can look decent during a video call. To begin with, you should at least comb your hair with a comb or a brush, it is quite possible to give them volume. If the hair is already noticeably oily, just collect it from a bundle so the face will be in focus. The hoops for hair of interesting colors and shapes have the same effect.